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Charging for photography

I was just offered a gig to photograph an art event over the course of four half days. I was asked for a quote and don’t know what to give. I have a couple a mutuals who have done this before. Any advice would be appreciated.

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York U Student Centre (at York University)


HAPPY CANADA DAY! For Canada Day, read this short Superhero Girl comic I made last year for the True Patriot anthology! It was based on a true experience I had when someone asked me “what makes Superhero Girl a Canadian superhero?” and I was like uhhhhh?

The League of Villainous Canadian Stereotypes was my boyfriend Tim’s idea. He is a great idea man! 

Enjoy my Canadian comic and have a great Canada Day! I am celebrating by working a lot. ;)

World Pride

A marcher holding a sign declaring ”Stop exploiting our struggles for profit! End the commercialization of Pride!” is immediately followed by a Lucky Charms float.

The back of Pride shirt with the York U slogan.



I really like soccer, but I love people first.

Photo: Police is “relocating” people from slum to “somewhere” over the rainbow.

World Cup for whom? Not me.

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I ♥ sentaï villainesses.

I’ll probably make some prints of those illustrations. Tell me if you’re interested.

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Hoenn - Then (2002) and Now (2014) 

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Me at parties.

Bought a buttload of post cards this past month for Post Crossing.

I was assigned a Post Crossing user with a blank profile so I sent them a Pokémon card.

Right now we have an X-Men franchise that has sidelined Kitty Pryde, completely mishandled Storm, Emma Frost and Rogue, robbed Jean Grey of any agency, and has yet to properly introduce Psylocke, Jubilee and Polaris.

The latest film does feature a number of non-white characters, but every single one of them (Storm, Blink, Sunspot, Warpath, Bishop) is relegated to outside guard duty while all of the white characters (Xavier, Magneto, Kitty, Wolverine) handle the important, emotion-heavy, world-saving work.

There’s even been a surprisingly anti-international slant towards one of the most international teams in comics as Colossus, Banshee, Quicksilver and Storm all lost their cultural identities in the transition from page to screen.

Brett White from CBR on in order for the X-Men to survive, they need to diversify.


First, Bryan Singer has to go. This may come as a surprise considering that I just heaped a ton of praise on the director’s latest film, but I’ve done so while also purposely avoiding mentioning his name. Based on the sexual abuse allegations currently piling up around him, I just feel icky — an understatement — giving the guy any praise.”

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