By Andy Khouri

“I think this woman is wrong about something on the Internet. Clearly my best course of action is to threaten her with rape.”

That’s crazy talk, right? So why does it happen all the time?

Honest question, dudes.

That women are harassed online is not news. That women in comics and the broader fandom cultures are harassed online is not news. That these women are routinely transmitted anonymous messages describing graphic sexual violence perpetrated upon them for transgressions as grave as not liking a thing… that is actually news to me, and it’s probably news to a lot of you guys reading this.

So what do we do about it?



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This is York’s time on Flickr.


Secret Video, the Annex

Ross Building, York U: January, February, March

Sound and Moving Image Library, York U

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The Mac finder icon is icon is all over York U

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South Ross, York U

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TTC streetcars get the IMAX treatment

The Toronto streetcar is getting the big screen IMAX movie treatment this summer. A stunning looking trailer for The Red Rocket, a documentary that records the daily life of “one of the world’s great trolley rides,” is currently making the rounds online.

The 14-minute short was commissioned by the CN Tower’s Maple Leaf Cinema. It follows the evolution of the Toronto streetcar from the wooden vehicles of the Toronto Railway Company, the precursor to the TTC, to the current fleet of CLRVs and articulated ALRVs. There’s also a look at the new low-floor streetcars coming to Spadina Avenue later this year.

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Rem. I’m good for coughs and ding dongs.



Everyone on the internet knows this song.

But I don’t think a lot of you KNOW this song. If you don’t recognise it at first… give it time. 

Winters College, York U

Running coat check at the Underground Pub at York U.
I’m introverted and running coat check with my friend is actually funner than being on the dance floor. Come check it out. It’s a queer 80s and 90s theme dance party.